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​Here is a selection of  what  our guests had to say about our adult sex party fetish events:​

"Few clubs live up to the hype but you excel..."


"Thank you for such an amazing event! We really enjoyed ourselves and the crowd was very welcoming and friendly! We will definitely be back..."
Nick & Anne-Marie


"When you think it can get no better... - I was at Bi-Kink on Friday and yes it was better than ever. New faces, New people and lots of new fun!! If you have not been then you must try the next one, if you have been see you at the next one for sure. This events get better and better. Great people at a great venue. Keep it coming!



"Met these two lovely people at their PisSoir party last Friday. I was greeted by Nina like a old friend and show around by the both of them and introduced to some new and old friends of theirs. Soon made to feel welcome and became relaxed in their and others company. Adian really looked after me in the only way he knows how to??? The party with with a swing with a relaxed and steamy atmosphere. Not only are they a very sexy and dare I say filthy couple,but you could spend a evening in the pub in their company having a great laugh as well without running out of conversation both are way brighter than me. However I do love the idea that they can also out "slut" me as well. I for one will be seeing them again as soon as I can . Support them with their parties' they deserve success. Love to all Gemma."

Gemma (about 'PisSoir')


"In a word, Respect !!! brilliant night, awesome people !!! great venue, I thought the music was perfect. Thank you Guys xxxx"

Piss Princess UK


"Nina & Aidan you have done it again . . . New faces & a whole load of fab people ! And as for the DJ well she knows just how to read the floor crank it up to 11 girl friend !! Nice one . See you soon!"

Black Cop


"Never have I been to a party with such a relaxed atmosphere yet where heavy SM and edge play was manifest. The venue was superbly located and fully furnished with everything a moschist could dare dream of. The women were stylish, the men all aroused. The canapes and drinks were deliciously decadent. Most of all the horniest hosts on the Continent provided a spectacle of such savage beauty and fun. Thank you, Aidan and Nina for all your input."

A&W (about 'SAVAGE Dreams')


"PiSoir last night lived up to all my expectations and more. I had been told by my bf about how wonderful this event was, now I believe it for myself. Lots of guys wanting to be pissed on (how could I refuse) and lots of cock on offer for both myself and my bf - true bi action at its best - we just ran out of time before we could get the climax (haha literally - bf fucking a guy up the ass whilst I was sucking the guy's cock) - to be continued, Mr social butterfly - we like your style xxxx"



"Nina & Aidan - All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for a particularly special night and your warmth and friendship.

It was worth the entrance money as they say and I was made to feel most welcome by all, especially yourselves and Dolly and your helpers. It was just a fantastic night and I had a good day elsewhere too buoyed by memories of our chat. Fucking fantastic!"



"What a fantastic wet and filthy night with thanks to Nina & Aiden and staff ensuring a great night was had by all. Great location, people and always looked after very well. Till next time xxxx



"Just wanted to say Thank you for yet another great party, it was certainly a busy night and we made some new friends as well as seeing the regular kinky ones we know :-) Looking forward to the next Bi kink & Pissoir night, all being well we will be at both of these."



"AMAZING night Lots of fresh young people, some golden oldies, music you just had to sync with and all the equipment, prison cell, hospital , boudoir! Breathtaking! Thanks to the sexiest and best hosts ever: Nina and Aidan"



"Me & pepper had real fun with lots & lots of gushing from my Gal !! as all the Guys wanted to play with My pepper she sent me all the leftovers & very tasty too !!that's just the way we Roll !! She did leave a mess on the apparatus floor ' the swing & the hospital Bed . And as for the WET ROOM that was great to see Nina doing what she does best . Thanks again for another triumphant eve."



"Hi Aiden and Nina - I had a great time last night. It was real fun. Thought you two playing was really hot!  Your hospitality was amazing and really helps to make the evening so relaxed, friendly and enjoyable. Looking forward to the next event!"



"Hi Nina and Aiden, We wanted to say thanks for last night's wonderful Queer London party. N and I had a great time, and I was sad to leave a bit early - next time we'll stay much longer :-)..."

S&N (about 'Queer London')


"I had a great time! You are great hosts, the most friendly club I have ever been to - and I will be back! Every success."

J xxx


"Last night was our first time at a pissoir night and we loved it. Great crowd of people and some very wet and horny fun. Although I will never look at a paddling pool the same way again lol. Nina and Aidan as always are fantastic hosts and everyone is made to feel welcome. We will certainly be back for more sexy fun very soon. If you want a club where anything goes then you need to go to bizarre events nights x x x We have been to the Bi Kink nights several times and to 2 of the queer nights, every party is fantastic x x x"



"Delightfully fun evening last night! Can't wait for the next one to come around."



"Hey you two, wonderful event. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and can see myself becoming a regular for future events! :-) I'm glad I brought my violent wand, seemed to be hit with a few people."


"...we think you two are both absolutely amazing (another couple into the same as us! :-) ) - and the best party hosts in the world!"

Matt and Lucie


"Just wanted to say Thank you for a great night last night, we both really enjoyed it. Everyone was so friendly n chatty and have to say it is the best place we have been to so far.  We will certainly be back for more lol. A very hot night indeed!"

John & Dana

"Forgive me, Nina and Aidan, for not having written sooner to say how much I enjoyed last Friday night. Those images will stay with me for ever... It's enough 'wank material' to keep a man happy even as he waits for the next chance to join the Bizarre Events kinksters next time around!"


"Hello dear Nina and Adiran. What a amazing party last night . I loved every second of it..!"


"Just a short note to say thank you so very much for friday night!  I really enjoyed myself immensely :-D fun fun fun. Lord, when my inhibitions go down, I'll be having lots and lots more fun.  I will be back! Hurrah! Well done and thank you ever so much again!""Harryain.

"Just a quick email to say thanks for an absolutely brill nite last nite - it's something I've always wanted to do! Fantastic, and it has certainly filled a big void for me... What a friendly bunch of fellow kinksters too..."


"Was so glad I finally plucked up courage to come last night. Within minutes all the anguish of me crossdressing was forgotten among the mad melee of trannies, studs, sluts ,slaves, strong , lovely people with evident physical impairments and people who looked too beautiful to be true. I was so relaxed and gave and received fun and left feeling a better and stronger person. Thank you for organising this truly awesome paradise for us perverts. LOVE YOU ALL!"



"We both enjoyed ourselves immensely and we hope to be back soon! I think your events are a really great success..."

Kate & Mike

"Best. Layover. Ever. - Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome last night. It was one of the best parties I can recall: safe, truly pansexual, and kinky as hell. I can't stop grinning this morning!"

Michael  (from San Francisco)


"Thank you so much for hosting the last PisSoir event, a night that was very much enjoyed!  It was lovely to be surrounded by such a friendly, relaxed and welcoming company that enjoy similar desires to myself.  It's fantastic that you have provided such a superb themed environment where I feel my deepest fantasies can come true.  Can't wait to attend the future events."


"Just wanted to say Thank you for yet another great party, it was certainly a busy night and we made some new friends as well as seeing the regular kinky ones we know :-) Looking forward to the next Bi kink & Pissoir night, all being well we will be at both of these.



"Fucktastic event/orgy/party/community! Well done to Aidan and Nina and their staff at this delightful dungeon venue and to all the friendly and sexy Fuckers"


"There was something electric about last night! The closing 'scene' in the shower was as hot as I have ever seen, and the two of you were so active, well done, hope it goes from strength to strength!"


"Hi Aiden and Nina, just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome last Friday. You both gave me the warmest feeling of acceptance, friendship and humanity. I cannot tell you much this was appreciated as I was an event virgin. I look forward to seeing you both and again at a future event."



"Thank you for organising such a fab night with wonderful, sexy people. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and much fun was had! :-) x

Miss Dystopienne

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"Nina & Aidan parties are plain and simply the most open minded, relaxed and free spirited weve ever been to!!! The ambiance, is very sexual and all wishes are totally respected (very rare in deed) xxx"

JP & E. (SDC))


"These two are 2 of the most genuine, friendliest, funniest people that I've ever met. I attended their Pissoir party for the first time last night (Friday 3rd Oct) and it was amazing... Great rooms, lovely people and on top of that, 2 absolutely charming hosts. I really enjoyed myself! I will definitely be attending another party"

A (Fabswingers)


"Once again a great night spent with this pair of party people. They know how to make everyone feel welcome. If you are NEW and not sure, don't worry you will be given the gold service upon entry. I was going to write 'Golden' then but that is for a different night... Great night, great people, and a safe atmosphere, you can't ask for more :)"

R & T


"Had a great time at one of Nina & Aidan's BiKink parties. A venue full of genuine players and the kind of kinky scene we love, all hosted by the friendliest couple on the party scene. Thanks for a great evening!"

Matt & Anna


"Once again I would like to thank you for a great evening. My plus 1 enjoyed herself and entertained a few along the way. Sorry if it appeared we left early just wanted to get home and finish the night off.... as you do!"

M & C


"Wow. Went to a party whilst on a break in London which was friendly, kinky and fun. Nina's warm welcome totally put me at ease. Lovely people."



"Another great nite at Bizarre Events, run by one of the nicest and sexiest couples on the scene. If you haven't been to one of their events, wtf are you waiting for :-)"



"Went to Bi Kink Friday 2nd May. What a fun night. Aidan and Nina are definitely the nicest most friendly people you'll ever meet and they throw a mean party!"

Lanny Fabs


"A friendlier and sexier couple you couldn't hope to meet. Thanks so much to the gorgeous Nina and Aidan for organising these unique, spirited and hugely open-minded parties for a grateful community. Amazing conversationalists and full of wit and wisdom, I could also chat to these two forever :) "



"What can we say!!! Not enough words to describe the wonderful party nights that Nina and Aidan run! We been to pervious nights! but first time to this version of a party [sic PisSoir]! We were nervous! Nina and Aidan put our minds at rest..were fantastic hosts! Great crowd! Great hosts! Friendly people! My partner and I had loads of fun! Until next time? Ladies and Gentlemen... Bizarre Events run the best parties in London! xx"

P & S


"Nina and Aidan BE partys r the Best. Their parties are legendary... If you have never been to a BE event, elevate your taste and take a walk on the wild side. Never miss their indescribable auras!!!

Lu xxx


"Hi Guys, just dropping you a note to thank you for Friday night. I had a ball and so did my friend, Marta! I definitely seem to encourage more people to chat to me when I'm dressed as Lanny, I'll definitely say that! :) I think I'll go to the next one all dressed up Thanks again loved it"



"We met this kinky and couple at their party in London! Nice welcome and great staying with them! Next time we will be there again! that's for sure!"

Latex Couple


"We have been going to Bizarre Events party nights over a year now and we are still going back time and time again, Why? well because this is a place we love to be not just for the kinky times we have but because the hosts Nina & Aidan and all the crew are just such loveable, kind and genuinely friendly people and they host the best kinky nights. Keep up the great work guys, we love you x x x"



"Here Here! AWESOME bi kink party, I cannot wait to bring my Sir to

PisSoir, we have RSVP'd already xxx"​

Rubber Princess

"Thanks for a great night! For us it was well worth the wait. Hope we can get back soon. Was great to meet you xxx"

Dark Sentinel

"Just a note to thank you two for hosting yet another awesome event! Ourselves and D + V really enjoyed the night, friendly and welcoming crowd, beautiful Mistresses, and what a venue!!! We were blown away! We have been looking for events such as this for a very long time, and now can't wait for the next one! Much kudos to you both for all the hard work that goes into making these nights, you deserve all the plaudits you get..."

R & Y (about 'SAVAGE Dreams')


"Another great party! Sorry to be one of the last in and last out... Off back to the U S Midwest tomorrow or Monday.Keep up the good work!!!"

John ​

"Just a line to thank you for another great night in an environment of total freedom!"



"Totally agree with Mrs Kinky, Nina & Aiden do a great job as do the rest of the BE crew. What a night at Pissoir can't wait for the next one. keep up the great work guys. In our opinion best kinky party night in London. My advice is to go along to one you won't be disappointed. Fantastic atmosphere with plenty of new friends to make."

Mr. Kinky


"I would like to thank you for the great party. You were right: I did feel at ease very quickly, and everybody was so polite and respectfull. I had a great exciting time! I will be back!"



"Nina & Aidan,your last friday queer party was fantastic. Hope to see you again soon! xxx"



"Just want to say what a fabulous time I had last night at this wonderful kinky event. Not only are you both beautiful and sexy people but you made me feel so welcome my initial reservations disappeared...  I can't wait for the next pissoir."



"Just wanted to thank you for the great night last Friday, the first
of many I hope.  It was the kind of party we have all imagined as
we lay back in our beds wanking! But to have it a reality, wow!
And people were so friendly and open, how brilliant!"



"I have been very active on the fetish scene for more than 10
years, but your party was probably the best I've ever been to!"



"Please, please, please keep doing this kind of event,
we both LOVED it!"

Nick & Francesca

"Guys, Just a quick note to say thank you for an amazing night last night!!! I was very nervous about visiting for the first time but after such a wonderful welcome from the whole "crew", so many liberated, friendly and open people at the club I'm kicking myself that I waited so long to come along. Cant believe I've got to wait a month for the next event!! Thank you again and I cant wait to see you all soon!"


​"Thank you for what was an extremely interesting evening.

We didn't know quite what to expect. As hosts, you were extremely hospitable and made us feel very comfortable. Other attendees, although enquiring, were very respectful. It was a liberating experience!"

Y & S

"I just wanted to say thanks for the party on Friday night, I really
enjoyed it. Met a lot of interesting people and had fun. I look
forward to the next event."



"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the party last night!
It was one of the wildest nights I've ever had and you seem
to have got things off to a cracking start! Well done!"



"The party was absolutely FAB!"



"Hi, just a quick message to say thanks for organising a
fantastic party last night, pretty sure everyone enjoyed
themselves and you were great hosts."



"Thanks for organising a great party last night. A. certainly had fun ;) Not sure if we can make the 19th, but look forward to seeing you if we can."

M & A


"I had a ball :) Thank you so much. And there where so many
people who I seemed to gel with..."

The Colt


"Thank you soooo much! It was a very enjoyable and liberating


"I think you did amazingly well. You must be happy and relieved
it was a resounding success."



"Thanks for an awesome party..!"

John & Beatrix

"Thank you so much for last night."



"Great to meet you last night. You really organised it so well..."



"Great - it was a fantastic night!"


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