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This adult party is for bi-sexual or bi-curious kinky fetishists.

Bi-Kink Club is explicitly for bi-sexual males and females as well as TV/TG/TS or gender-fluid people and those of any other gender-identity. We welcome single males and females as well as couples and poly-groups of any configuration.

This party is a full-on 'orgy' (not just a 'fashion show'). M/M, F/F, M/M/F, F/F/M etc. activity is explicitly welcome!

We welcome experienced players as well as newbies and those of you who are bi-curious and like to experience your fantasies in real life, in a safe, sane and sexy environment.

If you are looking for respectful, free-spirited, open-minded, sexually intelligent bi-sexual play-mates then this is the party for you!






Before you attend any of our events please familiarise yourself with our EVENT & CLUB RULES here!​


A secret location in London, SE5. The venue consists of a BDSM themed play area, complete with furniture like Fisting Chair, St Andrew's Cross, Medical Play Hospital Bed, Steel Cage etc. So please do bring your favourite toys, whips and canes along for play-time if you like.

There also is a separate Dark-Room Boudoir with a large bed and a large sofa. Lots of space for gangbangs!!! We provide condoms and lube for the evening.

And there is also a Wet Room for all sorts of watersports frolics. Besides of being a play-area the Wet Room also has shower facilities, and of course there will be shower gel, shampoo and fresh towels available.


​While we do NOT enforce a strict dress code for this event we VERY MUCH ENCOURAGE all forms of sexy and kinky fetish clothing, uniforms, sexy outfits, lingerie and COMPLETE NUDITY. ​Be creative, make an effort and have fun!!! Whatever turns you on...​​


Tickets and memberships will be sold on the DOOR ONLY for this event. Membership is required because these are exclusively PRIVATE events. We have tried to make the prices as fair as possible for everyone, no matter whether you are male, female or anything else:

Singles    £50  + Annual Membership £30

Couples  £25 (per person) + Annual Membership £30 (per person)

All of our adult parties are explicitly Pan-Sexual / Bisexual.


There will be a limited amount of drinks available (beer & wine as well as soft drinks) but please do bring your own favourite drinks as well. Glasses will also be provided and there is a fridge...


RESIDENT DOMME - Dolly Dangerous!

Dolly is an exceptionally beautiful, demanding, controlling and intimidating Domme. Make no mistake, she is one of the cruelest sadists when called upon (or crossed).

She may, at her discretion and solely for her own personal pleasure, decide to dispense Her purifying corporal punishment and humiliation to those yet uninitiated. Or perhaps you are already experienced but yet uncorrected..?


We have a staffed, secure cloakroom where you can check in your clothes and belongings. Our cloakroom is free of charge.


Our events are always supervised by female Stewards / DMs who are available to answer any questions you might have, and to make sure everyone has a good time. They are also responsible to enforce our Event & Club Rules.


All of our events are protected by SIA licenced door & security staff.

Bi-Kink Club

South London

London's Hottest Bisexual Kinky Fetish Orgy

The Main Room

The Main Room (again)

The Boudoir / Darkroom

The Wet Play Room

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