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As many of you will know, we LOVE watersports, we have a big piss fetish. Here's a little story about one of our recent adventures for you:

We ended up at this East Berlin venue on a rather cold December evening. The place itself was located in a former East German Electricity Company control building. Quite industrial looking.

Once inside it was very warm, hot almost. There was a busy bar where lots of guys were drinking and chatting. Techno music was playing from speakers throughout the venue.

There were also some dark rooms, scaffolding platforms, leather slings and an 'empty' bathtub very near the bar (more about that another time). But most interestingly, the toilet area consisted of a large metal-walled enclosure at the far side of the venue.

The flooring was not concrete but rather a very solid, tight steel mash floor through which we could glimpse that right underneath was another room, tiled, dark and very wet.

Inside the toilet area, instead of urinals on the walls there were just a number of people sitting or lying on the steel-mash floor, getting pissed on by whoever needed to relief themselves. There was a constant, busy stream of men coming from the bar – you know what beer does to most people...

Some of the piss-lovers on the floor were dressed in rubber outfits, some in sports or street clothing while others were naked.

Obviously we got our kit off as quickly as possible and sat next to each other on the floor, masturbating one another. The men who came for a piss simply unzipped right in front of us and started showering us from head to toe with their delicious yellow liquid.

The piss we drank when some of the men aimed cleverly straight into our open mouths tasted quite different from guy to guy. Within minutes, and after having had at least 30 or so guys pissing on us, there was a very distinct ammoniac-like smell all over us. Nina smiled and mentioned something about hormones, the mixture of spit and piss with testosterone and cum.

Cum because some of the guys, instead of just pissing on us wanked themselves off in front of us. We were not allowed to touch them – we were filthy, wet and very smelly. They came shooting their loads into our faces and all over our bodies. We were full of wonderful white spunk at times, only for it to be washed away again by the next guy pissing on us.

Some guys only gave us half their bladder and aimed the rest onto the floor in front of us. Now, the floor was a mash and the piss went right through it, down onto the people in the lower tiled room. We haven’t really seen much of the people down there (it was rather dark in that place) but from time to time, whenever they received some piss or other delicious liquids from above, we heard them moaning.

We stayed on that toilet floor for the best part of an hour and had the most mind-blowing time. All of our senses were bombarded with the most tantalising sensations. Nina lay back on the floor, legs apart, holding open her pussy to receive piss into her fuck-hole straight from 3 guys who were standing around us.

We both got up afterwards, I fisted her and she came with a great big squirt, as she often does, much to the delight of the people below! Then she went down onto her knees, opened her mouth, sucked me off very hard and swallowed my cum when I climaxed.

We went straight into the shower area, cleaned and dried off, got dressed (well, kind of dressed at least) and joined the others at the bar for some lovely German beer – not that we were particularly thirsty...

Lots of Love,

Aidan & Nina xXx


Some of you, who enjoyed our East German Piss Party blog post a few days ago, have been in touch. You have pointed out that the floor I referred to is actually 'mesh flooring'. Thank you for that. While writing, I was actually struggling to find a fitting descriptive for that wonderfully appropriate architectural device.

Others have correctly identified the East Berlin venue of our recent adventure; it is of course the Lab.Oratory ( – and if you ever have the good fortune to find yourself in Berlin, we can hardly recommend a more suitable pass-time than to make your way into this palace of utter shameless deprivation. I have added a photograph of the venue to whet your appetites and inspire your imagination...

As promised, we will now elaborate on the bath tub we mentioned in our last post. Said tub is located about 3 metres away from the main bar. It is perhaps the most unexpected item of furniture in this industrial environment, not least for its white colour. But as you might have guessed, it is not there by accident.

When we arrived at the club we've noticed the bath tub, but we were quite overwhelmed by the kinky possibilities of the entire venue, and the pissoir in particular, that we couldn't wait to get our clothes off and our bodies washed in everyone’s piss in the most obvious place.

By the time we returned to the bar area, duly pissed upon, spunked and spat on, and having had the obligatory (H2O) shower after climaxing so deliciously, we realised that our choice of exact location for our divine degradation, though not inherently wrong, was definitely not necessarily a foregone conclusion at all.

The lucky girl who occupied the bath tub in the middle of the bar area on our return was delightfully soaking in that tub which was by now rather full of men's piss. Naked and in full public view, legs slightly apart (no doubt to ensure liquid penetration).

What struck me first was the blissful expression on her face. An almost Mona Lisa'esque half-smile. There were no restraints holding her by force in that disgusting mix of strangers urethral excrement, spit, cum and beer. She was there willingly, exuberantly bathing. Receiving. Swallowing. Breathing. Fucking herself with piss in that tub.

She was soaking in this liquid as she perhaps would do at home, indulging. The difference of course was the fact that everybody in that bar could (and would) blatantly stare at her, smiling back at her, laughing at her. And some would wink and throw kisses while 3 or 4 cocks around her relieved themselves all over her body, adding to her reservoire.

Just like us, when we were in our public toilet area in the back of the venue, she was not allowed to touch anyone – nobody wanted that terrible stench of piss on their clothes which she would certainly leave behind. But she didn't mind that. This wonderful, beautiful slave-girl was in an exstatic sexual arousal, receiving huge quantities of piss.

The reason for that is of course that her tub was ever so much more conveniently located near the bar. Everyone will have to pass it in order to get in or out of the venue – or to take a piss...

And as there is just enough room for 2, rest assured, the next time when we are in Berlin we will expolre this shamelessly indulgent tub ourselves.

Lots of Love,

Aidan & Nina xXx



Gang-banging - for us it's the ultimate fantasy!

We both like to fuck with as many people as possible (our profession is our vocation). And preferably we like to fuck as many people as possible all at the same time. In fact, we think it's worthwhile to let you in on a little 'secret' fantasy of ours...

The setting is an abandoned industrial unit, quite intact but dark and away from the main road. The taxi driver had a little trouble finding it but you followed the instructions emailed to you earlier to the dot... It is night time when you arrive, and when you enter the main hall you see men drinking, smoking and chatting. You grab a beer looking around, casually checking where the action is, when you notice an open door on the far side of the hall.

You approach it and you see guys queing on one side of the door to get in, and others leaving, zipping their pants up, on the other. You think that this must be the toilet.

But when you get closer you hear moaning, and when you glimps in you notice two scaffolding contraptions. And two people, completely naked, getting fucked, held at perfect height, legs apart, blindfolded and gagged.

On the left you see a pettit brunette girl on her back, legs spread far apart, her toes almost touching the wall behind her head. Her ankles and wrists, both above hear head, are immovably held by four H-shaped assemblies of small lengths of scaffolding and she is lying on a 'bed' of rough wooden scaffolding board. She is being fucked into either her cunt or her arse - you can't tell. But her holes are oozing men's cum.

Between her legs, just underneath her arse, you see a zinc bucket, already half-full with cum.

On the right to her you see a muscular black guy, also nacked, held in a similar scaffolding device, blindfolded and gagged. He is restrained by the solid metal bars just like the girl next to him but he is facing the wall, bent over, with his tight arse spread wide open. Someone just pumped cum into his arsehole and left - now the cum is dripping into another bucket placed under him.

You realise: there is no one there to protect either of them - it seems that litterally anything goes. Anonymously.

The sight of this gets you hard - you have not cum all day. You are thinking about fucking one of those two cum whores and squirting your load into their body. Your trousers are almost exploding when you join the que. The guys in front of you don't take long to cum into the whores - perhaps it's because of the situation, perhaps because they have already started to wank while waiting.

Your turn. When you approach all you can think of is to stick your hard cock into the hot, red-sore, tight, dripping hole in front of you. You fuck, you groan, you pump your cum.

Then you leave the room, zipping up your pants and you wonder - what will happen to all that cum that is being collected in those two buckets..?

Lots of Love,

Aidan & Nina xXx​

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