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As our adult fetish events grow we add new elements to each party.  Our Erotic Art Exhibitions proudly present erotic artists with a selection of thier work, which will be shown on the walls of our regular London SE5 venue during our events.

We are always looking for inspiring, daring, erotic visual artists for exhibitions and collaborations at our adult fetish party events. We are particularly interested in LGBT-related subjects, and generally the kind of work you probably would have difficulty showing in public anywhere else because of its nature and/or explicitness.

If you have visual work in any 'tangible' medium (ready to be hung) and like to show it at one of our future events then we would love to hear from you!

Please email us at​ or friend/contact us on Facebook.

Lots of Love,

Aidan & Nina xXx


​Artist Bios​


Lady C    (on show at BI-KINK CLUB October 18th)


Lady C is an artist, writer, interior designer and sculptress. Based in Brighton - a sexually permissive city

renowned for the ultimate dirty weekend - her KINKY COLLAGE reflects this sense of decadence and celebratesthe sensuous, hedonistic nature of our lust and passionate desires.


Her work is irreverent, quirky and seductive. Each alluring collage interconnects the beautiful randomness of theeveryday with lush, voluptuous, salacious flesh.


Lady C’s picture frames are ravishingly rejuvenated and embellished to titillate with raunchy lingerie lace &feather boa’s reminiscent of striptease; whilst gorgeous colours and gloss create a glitzy, glamorous finish.

Provocative images are cherry-picked from vintage magazines, saucy postcards, old books, nude photos,

60s/70s porno mags and an array of erotica creating flirtatious, sexy works of art.


Lady C accepts KINKY COLLAGE commissions using your own images & photos.


Contact her directly at:
















Damibasia lives in London and likes drawing people, especially when they are moving around.

She will undertake private drawing commissions.


Damibasia will also be attending our club nights from time to time for live drawing sessions during the event...


Her party blog is


You can get in touch with Damibasia directly here:












Emma Webb - Erotic Painter & Printmaker


"After recently returning to drawing and painting after a long break, Emma Webb has enjoyed expressing her

passions and fantasies through art.

Working mainly in acrylics, she has sold a few pieces from her 'Vajazzles' series, when she took part in 'Creative

Juices', an erotic art exhibition that ran for five weeks at The Imperial Art Gallery in Margate alongside four

established artists.

Inspired by all things erotic & mystical, Emma is interested in all of the arts, especially ones that push

boundaries & the minds of people with limited experience & restrictive thoughts, especially her own. 

Describing herself as a complex, emotional, dirty, shocking, expressive artist & novice photo-fiddler, Emma thrives on learning & new experiences; forever seeking to better herself in all aspects of life, mentally, physically,

emotionally & spiritually.

Excited to be showing her work at a Bizarre Event, she considers it the perfect place to share her recent work,

and will be bringing along a selection of her naughtiest pieces for your perusal & to hopefully spark a desire to


Emma is available for private commissions to hang on your club, playroom, bedroom wall or anywhere else you'd like.

She can work from photographs or if a more personalised work of art is required she will consider most




Limited Edition prints will be for sale on the night.

You can get in touch with Emma directly here.

Image by Lady C

Image by Lady C

Bi-Kink 26vii13-22 - By Damibasia

Bi-Kink 26vii13-162 - By Damibasia

Peekaboo - By Emma Webb

Ladies At Play - By Emma Webb

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