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BiZarre ​Events Club Rules

We have very simple but strict rules of behaviour for all of our events and we absolutely expect everyone to follow these to the letter!

Our 'rules of engagement' are very simple and common for many clubs and events of this sort.

We strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with our CLUB RULES before attending any of our parties, because if you are found to IGNORE or BREAK our rules YOU *WILL* BE ASKED TO LEAVE! We also reserve the right to exclude you from attending future events and revoke your membership without refund in certain cases!

Please Note: Everyone attending our events do so freely by choice and are free to consensually express themselves without inhibitions. There are no paid persons or entertainers at any of our events. Paying an entrance fee and/or for membership, simply implies that you wish to be in the company of like-minded adults.

Here is the short version of our rules. Every point is explained in more detail further below. If you have questions regarding any of these rules or anything else, please contact us directly via email.




GIVE PEOPLE SPACE (don't crowd them) !









Our Dress Code

We want you to be creative and make an effort to leave the 'everyday street clothes look' outside.

We do not have a special dress code, dictating you what you must wear... But we DO EXPECT you to come up with your own look that reflects your own FETISH and your idea of what LOOKS SEXY to you and to others at the event.

At the very least SHOWING LOTS OF SKIN or COMPLETE NUDITY is fine.

All forms of sexy and kinky fetish clothing, uniforms, sexy outfits, lingerie are perfectly fine. You could even make your own outfits and/or combinations if you want (feathers, duct tape, bandages, chains, whatever you like).

We DO EXPECT you to look interesting and APPROPRIATELY DRESSED or UNDRESSED for the occasion.

Our Crew will ask you to meet this requirement!


Be creative, make an effort and have fun!


Don't just touch others!​ Ask First!

​​Always! Ask! First! ​​


​Never ever assume that you can reach out and touch without first getting permission to do so! We know that sometimes things are a little more 'heated', but if you find yourself touching, immediately follow it with a request for permission to do so and immediately withdraw if the answer is no.


Don't Interrupt!

​Please, NEVER EVER interrupt a play-scene! If you would like to join in please WAIT until you are approached and actually INVITED to join in!

Give People Space!

Please DO NOT ‘crowd’ people while they are playing! Give them enough space so they do not feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed or pressured in any way by onlookers standing too closely around them!


Remember: people might be here to be watched - but not necessarily to be touched!!!


Always WAIT TO ACTUALLY BE INVITED (!) before you actively join a play-scene!

Always be Polite & Respectful​​!

​ALWAYS be polite and sincerely tolerant! BiZarre Events are ALWAYS about promoting diversity in alternative night-life. Our events are explicitly aimed at the LGBTQ+ community and tend to attract a very colourful and diverse crowd from all sorts of backgrounds and 'scenes'.


That's the way we like it!


We invite, welcome and actively encourage members of all sexualities, genders and gender-identities to be part of our events and have fun. The same is of course also true for race, religion, age, disability, nationality, etc. Our parties are EXPLICITLY NON-EXCLUSIVE.

'No' means 'No'!

You have the right to say 'No' if you don't want to do anything, or wish to stop playing at any time!!!


You are always 100% in control about what you get involved in and what is done to/with you. Depending on the situation, a polite shake of the head or a hand signal may suffice, but if necessary simply say 'No' - and that's that!

By the same token, if you get a rejection, don’t take it personally. SIMPLY ACCEPT THE FACT AND MOVE ON. If someone asks you to stop or move away, please do so IMMEDIATELY!​​


Do Not make others Uncomfortable!​​​

Never make anyone at our parties UNCOMFORTABLE in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER! If you're not sure if something is allowed or wanted, don't do it! Always ask first! If someone asks you to stop or move away, please do so IMMEDIATELY!​​


No Pressure, No pushiness!​

​​In our experience it is the polite, non-pushy people who have (and are) the most fun. Please DO NOT FOLLOW, STALK or ANNOY others! Always respect the wishes of others, who like you, are here to enjoy themselves at their own pace.


If you’re not sure, don’t do it!

If, at any time during the event, you are unsure about anything or whether you should / could do something, PLEASE ASK FIRST! Don’t just do it!

Our Crew are here to help, guide and advise - speak to them! Also, many of our 'regulars’ will be more than happy to share their experience, tips and advice.


No Photography or Mobile Phone use!

​We absolutely DO NOT allow photography or audio / visual recording of any kind at any of our events!

You are also NOT ALLOWED to use your mobile phone while inside the venue! Check your phone in at our cloakroom on arrival for safe-keeping. If you need to make a phone call, you can request your phone to be returned to you FOR USE ONLY AT THE CHECK-IN DESK (or of course outside of the venue) at any time.

​No Illegal Drugs!​

We have, and enforce a 100% no-illegal-drugs policy at all of our events. We will not tolerate any drug possession or drug use, and anyone caught with drugs or using drugs will be expelled from the premises and banned from attending any future events. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Our Floor Security Crew (Stewards)

​All of our events have stewards present who are there to ensure everyone has a good time. If you are new to the scene and/or unsure about anything please ask them first before doing it.

If you find that someone at any of our events is breaking or ignoring our rules please stay polite and respectful, but REPORT THEM TO ONE OF OUR STEWARDS IMMEDIATELY so that they can address the matter there and then.

Our stewards are here to help and to support you! Their word / decision is final at all times!


Pan-Sexual / Bisexual​

BiZarre Events promotes tolerance and diversity in alternative night-life. Therefore all of our adult parties (with the exception of CLUB LABRYS) are explicitly Pan-Sexual and everyone is welcome! ​That means that literally everyone is genuinely welcome to attend, whether straight, bi, lesbian, gay, male, female, transgender, transsexual, gender-fluid, queer, a cross-dresser, single (male or female) couples of any gender/combination, or poly-groups.


You are obviously NOT expected to part-take in anything you are not comfortable with, but you will definitely also see 'male-on-male action'.​​

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