Our Event & Club Rules

Our event & club rules can be found here. We strongly suggest that you familiarise yourselves with them ​before attending any of our parties. If you ignore or break our rules you WILL be asked to leave.


There is no dedicated or off-street parking available, however parking restrictions do not apply when we hold our events (only Mo-Fri, 8am - 6:30pm). There are normally street-parking spaces available right in front of the venue, or alternatively in one of the surrounding side-streets. The exception is our E5 venue, where we can offer limited private off-street parking as well.




All of our events are protected by professional SIA licensed (badged) security staff.



Our Floor Security Crew


Our lovely crew are all 'fellow pervs' and fetishists and they have lots & lots of experience in the scene. If you need help with anything, or if you have questions or comments during the evening then please just talk to either one of us (ask for Nina or Aidan) or any of our crew.


Your Arrival & Check-in

There is a discreet 'BE' (i.e. BiZarre Events) sign at the door; please follow the instructions emailed to you for the venue for that particular event, ring the door bell and our friendly security staff will let you in. We are always trying to be super-efficient so there shouldn't be any queues outside the venue. Once inside, one of our hostesses will check/issue your membership, take your admission (cash only please) and help get your free secure-cloak-room arrangements sorted.



Unless stated otherwise (e.g. for pre-paid ticket holders) can we please ask you to have your admission fees (and membership fees if you are not a member yet) with you in cash that night?


Free Secure Cloakroom

Our free cloakroom is staffed by a dedicated member of our team all night. Everyone will be issued with a large plastic bag (big enough to hold all of your belongings - your coats/jackets will be hung on hangers of course). Both are uniquely numbered. And in return you will receive a coloured, individually numbered (and waterproof!) wristband with which you can claim your checked-in belongings during the event should you need access, and at the end of the night.


Dress Code


While we do NOT normally enforce a  strict dress code we VERY MUCH ENCOURAGE all forms of sexy and kinky fetish clothing, sexy outfits and COMPLETE NUDITY. Feel free, be creative, make an effort and have fun!!! Fetish is whatever turns you on... If a particular event requires a certain dresscode this will be clearly stated in the event listing and again in the email notification you'll receive upon booking.

Free Drinks

We provide a limited amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for FREE. Many of our guests also bring along their own bottles, so please feel free to BYOB of your favourite drinks, and keep them cool in the refrigeration units, the bar or the cooling cases throughout the venue. Glasses are of course provided by us too.


We absolutely DO NOT allow photography at any our events! The only exception is (from time to time) our accredited house-photographer, and he/she will ONLY take photographs with EXPLICIT PERMISSION by everyone in the frame. If they approach you to ask if you mind being photographed then please feel free to simply say 'No' if you prefer to not be in any image. We value your privacy as much as you do! Photographs taken during our events by our house-photographer will only ever be used for our own marketing (but you are most welcome to ask for copies of course).


All of our venues have unisex shower facilities. Basic toiletries and fresh towels are of course provided at no extra cost. #

RSVP Information

Space at our events is always limited (to around 60-80 guests) and we usually sell out. If you have RSVP'd for an event we will definitely be expecting you that night and you are guaranteed to get in. But if for any reason you can't make it please, please, please do let us know as soon as possible (that way we are able to sell your ticket to someone else that night).



Please note that we are unable to provide a dedicated smoking area at some of our venues. We will allow smoking throughout the venue if that is the case. If dedicated smoking areas are available we will list this as a feature in our event description.



Toys & Tools

For hygienic reasons we do not provide 'personal' toys and playthings, but you are most welcome to bring and use your favorite toys & tools.

Free Condoms & Lube


We provide ample supplies of condoms and lube throughout the night and throughout the venue for free.


No-Drugs Policy

We have, and enforce a 100% no-drugs policy at all of our events. We will not tolerate any illegal drug possession or illegal drug use, and anyone caught with drugs or using drugs will be expelled from the premises and banned from attending any future events. You have been warned! ​Our event & club rules can be found here.


'No' means 'No'

You have the right to say 'no' if you don't want to do anything, or wish to stop playing at any time. You are always 100% in control about what you get involved in and what is done to/with you. Depending on the situation, a polite shake of the head or a hand signal may suffice, but if necessary simply say 'No' and that's that. By the same token, if you get a rejection, don’t take it personally. Try to not interrupt a play-scene; if you would like to join in please wait until you're invited. ​Our event & club rules can be found here.

Be Polite & Respectful

Be polite and sincerely tolerant. BiZarre Events are ALWAYS about promoting diversity in alternative night-life. Our events tend to attract a very colourful and diverse crowd from all sorts of backgrounds and 'scenes'. That's the way we like it. We genuinely invite, welcome and actively encourage members of all sexualities, genders and gender-identities to be part of our events and have fun. The same is of course also true for race, religion, age, disability, nationality, etc. Our parties are explicitly non-exclusive. It's very simple, if you are over 18 years of age you are welcome, no matter what!!! So, be free, be creative and have an open mind! ​Our event & club rules can be found here.

Pan-Sexual / Bisexual


BiZarre Events promotes tolerance and diversity in alternative night-life. Therefore all of our adult parties are explicitly Pan-Sexual and everyone is welcome! ​That means that literally everyone is genuinely welcome to attend, whether straight, bi, lesbian, gay, male, female, transgender, transsexual, gender-fluid, queer, a crossdresser, single (male or female) couples of any gender/combination, or poly-groups. You are obviously NOT expected to part-take in anything you are not comfortable with, but you will definitely also see 'male-on-male action'.  You are definitely not expected to do anything, except to be respectful to others (and to have a great time of course).

Our Venues


We are hosting our events at a number of different purpose-build / purpose-fit venues. We set the mood with dimmed lights, exciting and creative music - and sometimes a short but very provocative performance. Rooms, facilities, features and furniture will of course vary from venue to venue, but all of our venues will be safe, secure, clean and definitely unique. All venue-specific features will be clearly listed within the event's listing on our website.

Night Time Travel

We can give travel advice before your booking as well as during the night. All of our London venues will be easily accessible by public transport on a 24-hour basis. If this is not the case we will state this clearly within the event listing as well as within the confirmation email we send you on booking. If you need/want a taxi there are telephone numbers of near-by mini cab companies displayed at the check-in desk. We are sometimes able to negotiate special discounted fares for our events / guests with certain cab firms. Those discounts, if available, are for your convenience and will be passed on 100% to you of course.


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