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London's Most Extreme Bisexual Piss Fetish Party

PisSoir - London's Most Extreme Bisexual Piss Fetish Party
Your Admission covers EVERYTHING All Night!

This private members-only adult party is for bisexual watersports / piss fetishists.  You may be 'giving' or 'receiving' (or both).

PisSoir is explicitly for bisexual / LGBTQ+ males and females as well as TG/TS, CD/TV or gender-fluid or otherwise diverse people of any other gender-identity.

We welcome single males, females and diverse people as well as couples and poly-groups of any configuration.

This party is a full-on 'orgy' (not just a 'fashion show'). M/M, F/F, M/M/F, F/F/M etc. activity is explicitly invited!

We welcome seasoned players as well as newbies and those of you who are bi-curious and like to experience your fantasies in real life, in a safe, sane and sexy environment.


Everybody is welcome!

If you are looking for respectful, free-spirited, open-minded, sexually intelligent watersports play-mates then this is the party for you!


Are you straight? If you are, then that's perfectly fine of course, and you are still welcome to join us of course (we welcome everybody). However, please bear in mind that our parties may NOT be the perfect fit for you, considering your preferences.

Our events are DEFINITELY NOT geared towards a straight crowd. Quite the opposite actually!

All of our events are SPECIFICALLY aimed at the beautifully colourful variety of non-straight people, who would like to play in a safe and tolerant environment that supports and encourages their preferences.

So, before booking your ticket please ask yourself whether you are definitely 100% happy with what we are offering!


If you are explicitly looking only for straight-on-straight play then we would like to politely suggest that our events are not for you.



Friday January 26th, 2024  9pm-3am

BiZarre Events are ALWAYS about promoting diversity in alternative night-life. Our events tend to attract a very colourful and diverse crowd from all sorts of backgrounds and 'scenes'. That's the way we like it. We genuinely invite, welcome and actively encourage members of all sexualities, genders and gender-identities to be part of our events and have fun.


The same is of course also true for ethnicity, religion, body-type, age, dis/ability, nationality, etc. Our parties are ALWAYS EXPLICITLY for a LGBTQ+ & LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY crowd, and 100% NON-EXCLUSIVE. ​


BiZarre Events promotes tolerance and DIVERSITY in ALL respects. Therefore all of our adult parties are explicitly Pan-Sexual and everyone is welcome! ​That means that literally everyone is genuinely welcome to attend, whether straight, bi, lesbian, gay, male, female, transgender, transsexual, gender-fluid, queer, a cross-dresser, single (male or female), couples of any gender/combination, or poly-groups.


You are obviously NOT expected to part-take in anything you are not comfortable with, but you will definitely also see 'male-on-male action'.​​



IMPORTANT: We strongly advise you to read and to familiarise yourself with our CLUB RULES before you attend. We expect all of our guests to follow these to the letter!


London's most unusual, luxurious and appropriately kinky fetish venue located in North East London. A well-established, internationally famous, purpose-fitted and very luxurious BDSM dungeon and kinky play-space, which also hosts upmarket kink- and fetish related photo and video shoots.

The venue is extremely well connected and can easily be reached via public transport. There are various bus stops very close by, and there is a nearby 24-hour tube / underground line running to and from Central London. If you arrive by car then you will find ample available and free parking right outside.


Downstairs (Reception, Cloakroom, Bar, Smoking Area, Boudoir)

The downstairs venue consists of an elegant Reception Area with leather sofas with separate staffed Cloakroom, a welcoming (and of course free!) Bar with service area, tables and chairs, as well as a Fridge (if you want to bring your own drinks) and access to a private Smoking Area. And of course there is the truly sumptuous Boudoir Room with a beautiful, large Four-Poster Bed.

Upstairs (Dungeon)


The upstairs venue offers a large, furnished Dungeon space, fully equipped with many bespoke pieces, including:


* Custom four poster bondage bed with cage underneath

* Gothic series steel St Andrews cross

* Gothic series steel bondage chair

* Custom mummification bench

* Versatile leather upholstered spanking/examination bench

* Versatile leather upholstered bondage horse

* Steel black powder coated fetters puppy cage

* Steel black powder coated suspension frame

* Huge dark wood and leather Goddess throne

* Huge raised custom steel throne/bondage chair

* Fetters bondage wheel

* Steel bondage chair with cut out

* Steel vertical dancers/bondage pole


Adjacent to the large Dungeon area is the Medical Play Room with:


* Black Hydraulic dentist chair

* Red Vintage examination chair

* Versatile white leather fully reclining chair

* Medical trolley


We will of course, as always, provide fresh towels, toiletries and condoms for free.



We want you to be creative and make an effort to leave the 'everyday street clothes look' outside.


We still do not have a special dress code, telling you what you must wear, but we DO EXPECT you to come up with your own look that reflects your own FETISH and your idea of what LOOKS SEXY to you and to others at the event.


At the very least SHOWING LOTS OF SKIN or COMPLETE NUDITY is fine.


We definitely DO NOT insist on expensive / designer fetish outfits to satisfy our Dress Code. Instead we like you to be free and creative!

So, think: all forms of sexy and kinky fetish clothing, uniforms, sexy outfits, lingerie. You could even make your own outfits and/or combinations if you want (feathers, duct tape, bandages, chains, whatever you like).


We DO EXPECT you to look interesting and APPROPRIATELY DRESSED or UNDRESSED for the occasion. Our Crew will ask you to meet this requirement!


Be creative, make an effort and have fun!



Tickets and memberships will be sold at the DOOR ONLY for this event.


Membership is required because these are exclusively PRIVATE events. We have tried to make the prices as fair as possible for everyone, no matter whether you are male, female or diverse.

You will PAY AT THE DOOR in CASH or by CARD.


But you will need to have your TICKETS RESERVED through our website BEFOREHAND (link above) .

...what's included?

Your admission charge covers EVERYTHING all night.

That means you'll have :

  • FREE DRINKS ALL NIGHT (including alcohol)

  • FREE cloakroom (unlimited items)

  • FREE condoms

  • FREE lube

  • FREE towels

  • etc., etc., etc.

Once you're in EVERYTHING is COMPLETELY FREE. We simply offer more than ANY other club in the UK. There's no catch - do the math.


Singles    £55    (+ Annual Membership £35)

​Couples  £30 per person   (+ Annual Membership £35 per person)

Couples Discounts !

Are available: For more information please have a look here.

Student Discounts !

Are available: For more information please have a look here.

Discounted (Financial Hardship) Tickets !

Are available: For more information please have a look here.



Please note: All of our adult parties are explicitly Pan-Sexual / Bisexual, and we actively encourage and celebrate DIVERSITY in all imaginable aspects! We are passionately LGBTQ+ inclusive (obviously)...



We provide a very generous of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for FREE (beer & wine as well as soft drinks). But please do feel free to bring your own favourite drinks as well. Glasses will also be provided and there is a fridge...



We have a staffed, secure cloakroom where you can check in your clothes and belongings. You will have access to your belongings throughout the night, if you require (just ask our cloakroom staff). Our cloakroom is free of charge.



Our events are always supervised by female and male Stewards who are available to answer any questions you might have, and to make sure everyone has a good time.


They are also responsible for enforcing our Club Rules.


All of our events are always professionally protected by SIA licensed door & security staff.

OUR VENUE  - The Dungeon (Upstairs)

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