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Bizarre Events - London's Most Extreme Fetish Sex Parties


Started in 2012 by Nina & Aidan, BiZarre Events is hosting private pan-sexual / bisexual kinky extreme fetish adult parties for consenting adults with some of the naughtiest, most outrageous, sexiest extreme fetish themes you can imagine, but definitely won't find anywhere else in the UK.​


We are BiZarre - the event production company behind the UK's hottest, most extreme, full-on BDSM Fetish Kink sex parties, including BiKINK CLUB, PisSoir and Club LABRYS.

We relentlessly promote true DIVERSITY and active INCLUSION in alternative nightlife, tailored for LGBTQ+ and our Allies!

Continuously, every month, proudly and passionately since 2012.

Our events are explicitly designed for bisexual and pansexual, homo-flexible and hetero-flexible males and females, as well as TV/CD/TS, Non Binary or gender-fluid people, and those of ANY OTHER SEXUALITY or GENDER IDENTITY. To play - in a safe and secure, sane and sexy, non-judgmental environment.

We host an extravagant, brilliantly sexy, unpretentiously friendly, respectful and intelligent crowd of creatively colourful people from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, nationalities, ethnicities, body-types, dis/abilities, sexualities and sexual identities. Singles, as well as couples and poly-groups of any configuration.

Our adult parties are for seasoned players as well as newbies to the scene, and for those of you who would like to experience your darker desires and (legal) extreme fantasies in real life.

BiZarre Events always deliver excellence in professional event design and production at industry-leading standards, alongside a truly exceptional team of highly-trained, qualified, competent and experienced guest-liaison and floor-security Crew.

All our events are reassuringly protected by our very own SIA licenced door supervisors as a matter of course.


Hi, we are Nina & Aidan, and besides of being natural 'perverts' and predisposed kinky fetishists we also have many years of first-hand and direct experience in the adult industry.

For quite a while we had grown more and more frustrated with the lack of full-on adult fetish kink parties catering to the more extreme kinks and fetishes.


This sort of party normally only happens on the gay scene...

Therefore, we decided in early 2012 to host the hottest and most extreme full-on adult fetish parties in London. Parties where everyone

is welcome, irrespective of their sex, gender, gender identity or sexuality!

If you would like to be kept updated with our events and parties please sign up to our mailing list here!​​​​​​


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