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Here is the first edition of BiZarre Event's (free) 'Think Kink' mini-zine for people new to the scene, kink beginners, fetish newbies.


This small but of course perfectly well-endowed little fellow provides an introduction to the world of fetish and kink to those wonderful souls as yet uninitiated to such pleasures.


The mini-mag is printed on a single sheet of A4 paper and then niftily folded into this brilliant little publication.


We make the mini-zines available in the 'right' places immediately. Please let me know by email if you'd like a few copies to hand out.


You can download a print-ready PDF file (1.12Mb) of Think Kink here or by clicking on the image below:










Think KinK Magazine | By BiZarre Events
Think KinK Magazine | By BiZarre Events
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